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Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Place I Have Never Been Before

Acts 9:9 He was unable to see for three days, and did not eat or drink (HCSB).

I have often wondered what went through Saul's mind during these three days of blindness. His whole life had been changed with his conversion on the Damascus road and now he sits in that city waiting and wondering where that change would lead. What would he do, where would he go, how different would his life be? He did know one thing, his life was in the hands of his Savior and Lord and he was no longer walking the path of his own making. What a rush of emotions - excitement, wonder, curiosity, and even a great overriding sense of peace must have been his. Most likely, though blind at the time he knew he was seeing more clearly at that moment in life than he every had before!

Since receiving the word that my future no longer included a stay at Southwestern, I have entered into a totally new experience. I have always had a "base of operations" in my adult life that kind of defined me. I went from high school to college to seminary, with little to no break in between each. When I graduated with my PhD I was introduced as "Dr. Pierce, Assistant Professor of Old Testament." I have never had a time when I didn't have a planned future, a certain path, and a clear understanding of myself. Now that is exactly where I find myself - a place I have never been before.

What awaits me and my family? I am, like Saul must have been, full of excitement, wonder, curiosity. I don't know where I am headed, and truthfully there is some fear involved too. I am wandering around in a type of darkness and I want to see clearly. At this point, however, I just have to trust that the One who is leading me is enough - and in that knowledge I do find an overriding sense of peace.

I know God has prepared me for this journey and that He is with me through it all. I just hope that like Saul, when I come out on the other side, I will continue to "grow more capable (9:22)" in His power and under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

God is Good!


godchick25 said...

Thanks for posting this! It's reminded me of something VERY important!


Randy said...

Thanks for not letting me down...you always make me think. Good stuff dude.....we miss you at HTBC.

Michelle B. said...

Some people never get to experience the blessing of trusting God for their future. It is such a time of growth, and when you do 'get to the other side', you will marvel at God's work! Praying for you & the family!

Ginny said...

Love that you're blogging. Evidently we have some catching up to do. Give my love to the family!