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Monday, October 4, 2010

Christians and the Lies they Believe

The Scriptures are full of admonitions to practice discernment in whom you listen to and what you put forward as truth. We’re instructed to guard our hearts (the seat of the will) [Proverbs 4:23], to walk with carefully measured steps [Eph 5:15], and to be careful of with whom we associate [Ps 1:1]. Such warnings bare out the truth of the importance of a good reputation and how easily it is lost when we link ourselves with a lie and put it forward as if it were truth. Most of the Christians I know would not purposefully set out to deceive or pass on bad information, and yet I am surprised at how many times people pass on information without checking its accuracy. Usually, the mistake is made when we pass on some story or insight that agrees with something we believe to be true on the surface, and since we agree with the premise the facts must be right.

I don’t know how many times I have been approached or e-mailed a story using the evidence of people like David Barton, Ron Wyatt, and countless others who have repeatedly been shown to present information that is either built on half-truths, false evidence, or sometimes even outright lies. But because their premise is something we generally want to believe or agree with we push it forward because here is an “expert” who is supporting the idea of America as a Christian nation or the accuracy of Scripture or some other point of controversy in our struggle for recognition and validation. It seems our desire to be “right” is often so strong that it overrides our common sense.

I am certainly not saying that America doesn’t have a Christian heritage or that the Bible is historically inaccurate. What I am arguing is that when we take those beliefs and seek support for them from disreputable or untrustworthy sources we ultimately end up undermining ourselves in the end.

Lies are lies - regardless of the source. Find a reputable and trustworthy source through which to check information you receive, and don't pass on information that you have not personally verified. Your reputation and the reputation of the faith you hold is at stake.

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Anonymous said...

I always check snopes.com. I've actually emailed entire lists of people who've forwarded me a false "Christian" story."
My fav's:
Madeline Murray O'Hair is seeking to stop all prayer in schools (She's been dead now for some time)

The story of the professor dropping chalk and saying "If there's a God, this chalk won't break"... then the chalk hits his shoe and rolls away... unbroken!"


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