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Friday, April 5, 2013

What are our Idols?

I have discovered that if you wait too long to continue a post, you lose the passion for the subject and end up not completing it.  In the interest of closing the discussion I previously opened, I will simply reflect a little on the subject of the gods we make for ourselves.

I think the matter that first caught my attention in this area was the response of so many Christians to the Presidential election. People on both sides were expressing hopes and dreams for the government and what it might be able to accomplish that really only resides in the purview of God Himself.  What's more, we had a lot of Christians acting as if the election of President Obama meant the end of all life on the planet earth.  The type of fear being expressed went well beyond just sadness or even being let down...it was almost an overwhelming sense of doom.  Such fear demonstrates too clearly that our trust more often than not is in our government or other worldly institutions, rather than truly in God. I am not arguing we shouldn't be involved in the political process...I think Scripture demands that we are (Romans 13); however, the notion that the future of the Church, society, or even individual well being rests in the hands of our government is a thought that at the end of the day grants power to an entity it was never meant to possess.

I could outline other areas that take on a similar feel in so many lives...sports, family, church, even reason and prayer.  But I think at the end of the day, the issue boils down to keeping our trust squarely in the One who made all and is over all...the true source of our Hope....God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.